Research Overview

 Research is part of SAHZU’s mission. SAHZU strives to carry out cutting-edge research and technology, and, ultimately, to translational work that improves care and treatments for patients. Being one of the largest hospital-based research institutions in the Nation, the Hospital has heavily invested into operational resources and building infrastructure for our investigators to carry out researches including, but not limited to, big animal clinical trial center, small animal clinical trial center, GMP Lab, and core facilities in clinical research center (which is unique in Chinese hospitals). There are more than 300 active national and provincial scientific research programs ongoing in SAHZU every year. These researches include major special projects in the areas of national science and technology. SAHZU has been ranked on the top of the leader board for five years in terms of the grants awarded by the National Natural Science Foundation. SAHZU has also obtained five National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology and won one National Award for Technological Invention since Year 2001. 


National Research Awards


Award Year

Award Type

Molecular Pathogenesis of Asthma and the New Treatment Technology Application

SHEN, Huahao


National Prize for Science and Technology Progress

The Mechanism Research and Clinical Application of the Myocardial Repair and Functional Reconstruction after Myocardial Infarction

WANG, Jianan


National Prize for Science and Technology Progress

Cataract Formation Mechanism and Prevention



National Prize for Science and Technology Progress

Prevention and Treatment of High-risk Population of Colorectal Cancer in China



National Prize for Science and Technology Progress

Binding Pancreaticojejunostomy

PENG, Shuyou


National Prize for Science and Technology Progress

Curettage and Aspiration Dissection Technique and Peng’s Mutifunction Operative Dissector

PENG, Shuyou


National Prize for Technology Innovation