Patient Care
HSS Orthopedics

Orthopedic physicians from Hospital for Special Surgery would discuss the case with SAHZU physicians at patient’s presence with video conference facilities and answer every question patient raises about his/her condition. After the video talk, HSS consultants would provide a second opinion report within 5-7 working days. 

How to start the process?

Step 01

  • For SAHZU inpatients, please inform your attending physician of your request.
  • For patients outside the hospital, please contact International Medicine Department. The Department will help you to schedule an appointment with the orthopedicsts at SAHZU.

Step 02

  • The orthopedicsts at SAHZU will review your medical records and discuss with you why you would like to have the second opinion from HSS and invite you to sign an informed consent.
  • The orthopedicsts will fill in the application form and gather your medical records and other diagnostic tests necessary for the consultation by HSS.
  • You will pay a consultation fee .

Step 03: SAHZU transfers the consultation application and materials to HSS.

Step 04: HSS and SAHZU organize the video conference meeting and invite the patient to participate. 

Step 05: HSS issues a consultation report to SAHZU.

Step 06: SAHZU translates the report if necessary and delivers the report to the patient.