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SAHZU Human Subject Research Ethics Committee Had WHO/SIDCER-FERCAP Reaccreditation
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SAHZU Human Subject Research Ethics Committee was accredited by WHO/SIDCER-FERCAP in Nov., 2013 and had the reaccreditation in Aug.4 to 6, 2016. Director JUNTRA LAOTHAVORN, the founder of FERCAP, together with other 5 surveyors came to SAHZU, and the work of the Committee had been inspected through on-the-spot investigation, committee member interviews, random check, SOP check and review meetings. After 3 days of review, the panel highly recognized the work of the Committee, and believed that the work of the Human Research Ethics Committee at SAHZU was in line with international norms and in the leading level in China. In the 16th FERCAP Annual Meeting (Nov.19 to 23, 2016), SAHZU Human Subject Research Ethics Committee received the certificate of WHO/SIDCER-FERCAP accreditation, demonstrating that the work of our hospital ethics review has been improved to a new height.

SIDCER(Strategic Initiative for Developing Capacity in Ethical Review), an international ethical review initiated by WHO, intends to help ethics committees to improve the review standards of human body research, evaluate ethics committee separately, give them advice for their team and work, and help them to obey the international and national even the local ethics norms and regulations. There are five regional forums in the world. FERCAP is one of the affiliated agencies of SIDCER, mainly responsible for the ethical review at the nations in the Asian-Pacific region, the goal of which is to discuss the problems come out from human body biomedical research in this region and promote the construction of the ability of local ethical review committees.