Departments & Centers
Leadership Back
Wang Jian'an M.D Ph.D FACC
Position£º Hospital President; Chair of Heart Center
Department£º Cardiology
Medical School
Academic Rank
Professor of Medicine
Clinical Interests
Basic and clinical research on the coronary heart diseases
Basic and clinical application research of mesenchymal stem cells
Professional Highlights
2013 Science and Technology Advancement Prize of Zhejiang Province, First Place
2012 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology of China, Second Place
2008 Science and Technology Advancement Prize of Zhejiang Province, First Place
2005 Science and Technology Advancement Prize of Zhejiang Province, Second Place
2005 Science and Technology Advancement Prize of Zhejiang Province Dept. of Education
Second Place
2004 Chinese Medical Science and Technology Prize, Third Place
2002 Science and Technology Advancement Prize of Zhejiang Province, Third Place
2001 Science and Technology Advancement Prize of Zhejiang Province, Second Place
2000 Excellent Natural Science Article Prize of Zhejiang Province, First Place
2000 Excellent Natural Science Article Prize of Zhejiang Province, Second Place
Professional Appointments
Fellow of American College of Cardiology
Vice chief Committee Member of Chinese Society of Cardiovascular Diseases
Committee Member of Chinese Electrophysiology and Cardiac Pacing Association
Committee Member of Chinese Association of Cardiologist
Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Cardiology Association
Past Chairman of Zhejiang Electrocardiophysiology and Pacing Association
Chairman of Zhejiang Cardiologist Association
Chairman of Zhejiang Cardiology Intervention Quality Control Center
Chairman of Zhejiang Cardiology Intervention Specialist Committee
Director of Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Cardiology
Education Experience
Advanced Training in Interventional Cardiology, Loma Linda Medical Center, USA
Advanced Training in Cardiology, Queen Mary Hospital,Hongkong
Research Summary
Dr.Wang's reseach focuses on the coronary heart diseases and mesenchymal stem cells, characteristics and
mechanisms of its effectiveness to the ischemic heart diseases.
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