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Leadership Back
Ding Kefeng M.D Ph.D
Position£º Vice President; Vice Chair of Surgical Oncology
Department£º Surgical Oncology
Medical School
Academic Rank
Chief Physician
Clinical Interests
Breast and colorectal cancer
Professional Highlights
Dr. Ding currently serves as the member and secretary of the National Tumor Colorectum Special Interest Committee and the National Tumor Metastasis Special Interest Committee, and Deputy chief of the regional Tumor Metastasis Diagnosis and Treatment Special Interest Committee. Finished his medical training at the Zhejiang Medical University in 1988, Dr. Ding then undertook one year fellowship in the Surgical Department of Fukui Medical University, Japan, three-month visiting scholar in the Colorectal Surgical Department of Concord Hospital, Sydney University, 2007, and the Surgical Department of Aintree Hospital, Liverpool University, UK, 2009, respectively.
Professional Appointments
Member and secretary of the National Tumor Colorectum Special Interest Committee
Member and secretary of the National Tumor Metastasis Special Interest Committee
Deputy Chief of the regional Tumor Metastasis Diagnosis and Treatment Special Interest Committee


Publications (in English)
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Ding, K; Sun, FL; Ge, GW; Su, ZZ; Zheng, S. Expression and purification of ST14, a tumor metastasis-related protein, and its activity assay. FEBS JOURNAL, 272: 352 Suppl. 1 JUL 2005
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Ding K, Su Y, Pang L, Lu Q, Wang Z, Zhang S, Zheng S, Mao J, Zhu Y£ºInhibition of apoptosis by down-regulation of hBex1, a novel mechanism, contributes to the chemoresistance of Bcr/Abl+ leukemic cells. Carcinogenesis. 2009, 30(1):35-42.
Li-Feng Sun, Hui-Lin Ye, Qi-Yan Zhou, Ke-Feng Ding. A giant hemolymphangioma of the pancreas in a 20-year-old girl: a report of one case and review of the literature. World J Surg Oncol. 2009 Mar 18(7):31–33
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