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SAHZU serving the Belt and Road actively through the improving medical services
Date:2017.07.17 16:50:00

The Belt and Road(B&R), is a development strategy proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping that focuses on connectivity and cooperation between Eurasian countries, primarily the People's Republic of China, the land-based "Silk Road Economic Belt" (SREB) and the oceangoing "Maritime Silk Road" (MSR). The strategy underlines China's push to take a larger role in global affairs, and the desire to coordinate manufacturing capacity with other countries in areas such as steel manufacturing . [1]

To serve the Belt and Road actively, SAHZU constantly raises the level of the regional medical services along the Silk Road, specifically in Xinjiang province. It has sent 13 medical experts to Xinjiang to provide long time medical assistance and also conducted remote consultation with 37 hospitals there. 

In June 2016, SAHZU and Xinjiang Karamay Municipal Central Hospital worked together to build the country's first eICU (electronic intensive care unit), where Hangzhou experts can implement   remote real time monitoring on local high risk patients. eICU has dramatically decreased the local severe patients ICU mortality and hospitalization time, and increased the service efficiency in critical care . 

On July 6th 2017, working with Xinjiang Karamay Municipal Central Hospital, SAHZU successfully conducted 3 sessions of remote consultations, which showed the great prospects of remote real-time consultation for high risk patients at frontiers. The new platform launched by International Telemedicine Center tremendously shortened the response time and doubled the efficiency of the remote consultation. SAHZU International Telemedicine Center is a powerful internet medical program forged by SAHZU and Zhejiang Daily Press Group. The new intelligent medical platform is the first fruit from that program, and opens access to medical institutions and patients simultaneously for real time teleconsutaltion. Patients also can make appointment and registration  on the platform.

 “We hope to develop the International Telemedicine Center into a full data connected telemedicine system which could feature a series of functions, such as appointment and registration, queuing services, long distance image reading, remote access to reports and other electronic medical records, video consultation, mutually recognized remote issuing medical orders, remote applying for diagnostic tests and admission to hospital, and so on. With these functions, we can fulfill the internet based core medical service, make the remote consultation, triage and referral more efficient and convenient, as well as patients can complete diagnose with at most one  hospital visit, or even without real hospital visit. ” This  ambitious vision proposed by SAHZU Hospital President Dr. Wang Jian’an  is steadily becoming a reality.


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