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SAHZU is fighting for the injuries from a blast accident
Date:2017.08.14 16:46:00

On September 21st 2017, a serious blast was occurred in a store at Xihu district of Hangzhou city. Two people were reported dead and about 55 people got injured. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University (SAHZU) immediately launched the "333 (Group Injury)" treatment process and 5 multidisciplinary emergency teams were set up composing by the expert from department of emergency medicine, burns surgery, surgery, orthopedics, otolaryngology, cardiology, thoracic surgery and clinical laboratory.

Every minute is vital after the accident, especially to those severe burned patients in the first 72 hours. In these three days, SAHZU called the strongest health care strength to provide the most accurate, fast and efficient treatment service. Each staff stuck to their post, worked overtime and fight for the injured at the forefront. Professor Wang Jian’an, the president of SAHZU, directed the rescue operations on site.

On July 23rd, a burned patient was in danger due to a symptom of high fever. Dr. Chen Guoxian and Dr. Yin Jun from burns department and Dr. Liu Jin from department of infectious disease, discussed the illness in the ward together till the late night. For protection purpose, the ward was taken in charge by the department of infection management, and the infection and control system was upgraded to a higher level that each entered person was required to wear protective cloth, hats and masks with completed hand hygiene, as well as to clean and sterilize the environmental instruments with strict standard.
Until July 24th, SAHZU has taken 8 injured patients from the accident including 6 in burns department, one in emergency intensive care unit, and one in brain intensive care unit. After 3 days’ sustained salvage, the vital sign of the wounded were all stable. Meanwhile, SAHZU also sent expert team to other hospitals to assist with the most critically ill patients and make it safe for the first 72 hours.