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SAHZU Won the Second Prize in the 5th National QCC Competition
Date:2017.11.01 14:56:00

Hosted by China Federation for Hospital Quality Control Circle (QCC) and Tsinghua University Hospital Management Research Institute, the 5th National Quality Control Circle Competition of Chinese Hospitals was held ceremoniously at Changchun International Conference Center from September 22 to 24, 2017. About 340 candidates from 31 provinces of China competed for the final. 

A program of “To improve the implementation rate of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) of Pancreaticoduodenectomy” led by Dr. Xueli Bai  from SAHZU won the second prize. The positive outcome comes from the joint efforts of a multidisciplinary team for hepatobiliary pancreatic diseases at SAHZU. After extensive literature review and repeated discussion and validation, the team developed a protocol to implement ERAS and measures to ensure the compliance to the protocol in accordance with QCC approach. The compliance rate to the protocol reached 91.08% after implementation compares to 78.22% as before, and currently the compliance rate remains in the range of 92.00%-94.5%. Meanwhile, this program has been well received by Chinese counterparts and invited to share the experience in various channels, such as successfully hosting “ERAS Practical Trip” and “ERAS  Tour in China” to receive more than 200 peer experts for visiting and exchange purpose, as well as establishing Regional ERAS Alliance of Zhejiang Province.