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Lung Transplant Surgery was Successfully Performed at SAHZU
Date:2017.12.25 10:17:00

On November 22, 2017, with the great cooperation of the hospital leadership and related departments, the thoracic surgery of SAHZU carried out the first lung transplant operation and completed two cases successfully. It was also the first time the two had been successfully completed in a lung transplant in Zhejiang Province. Now it's the third week after the surgery, and one of the patients recovers well and has been discharged. The other patient has been able to get out of bed and is recovering.

Those two patients are both male from Zhejiang province with the diagnosis as pneumoconiosis and respiratory failure. They were treated by several hospitals but very limited therapeutic effects. For transplantation purpose, those two patients were transferred to SAHZU as there was a brain dead patient whose family agreed to donate the matched healthy lungs. After comprehensive test and evaluation on the donors and receptors and multidisciplinary consultation, the operative plan was finalized. Fully supported by department of anesthesia and others, Dr. Ming Wu led the lung transplant team to conduct the two consecutive operations successfully.

Lung transplantation is an effective means of treatment of end-stage lung disease. It is a fruit of a number of highly precise technologies that collaborated with each other in the area of medical research, as well as the important basis to measure a hospital overall level on organ transplantation. Since the lung is the organ that the body communicates with the outside air, it is highly possible to get bacterial and viral infection and postoperative ischemia-reperfusion injury which will easily cause the transplant failure. 

The successful completion of the lung transplant and the successful rehabilitation of the patient indicate that SAHZU is fully equipped with the ability of lung transplantation, which will bring benefits to more patients with end-stage lung diseases.