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"The Belt and Road" Overseas Anesthesiologist Training Program Launches at SAHZU
Date:2018.01.08 15:55:00

On December 16th, 2017, the launching ceremony of "The Belt and Road" Overseas Anesthesiologist Training Base of Chinese Medical Association was held in the city of Lishui. Prof. Xiong Lize, the Chairman of Chinese Anesthesiology Society, Ms. Ourania Tsiknaki, Vice Consul for Economics and Commercial Affairs, Consulate General of Greece in Shanghai, Mrs. Fu Tiehong, Deputy Director of Medical Administration Department of Zhejiang Province Health and Planning Commission, Dr. Wang Kai, Deputy Party Secretary of SAHZU, Prof. Yan Min, Director of Anesthesiology Department of SAHZU, and Mrs. Yang Mingli, Director of International Affairs Office of SAHZU, attended the ceremony and launched the program together, which marked that SAHZU is the first hospital for the Overseas Anesthesiologist Training Program designated by Chinese Medical Association in China.

This anesthesiologist training program is in response to the national "The Belt and Road Initiative", to promote the international exchanges for the anesthesia doctors on clinical anesthetic techniques, education, and scientific researches.

SAHZU has been working on the overseas residency and fellowship training program since 2012. It started joint training program for residency with Anesthesiology Department of UCLA in 2012. The program is approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), and so far 7 Anesthesia residents from UCLA have completed the training at SAHZU. In November 2017, Dr. Losifina Koliantzaki, the first Greek physician from General Hospital of Attikon University completed four weeks of training in the Anesthesiology Department of SAHZU, which laid the groundwork for "The Belt and Road" Overseas Anesthesiologist Training Program. All the trainees love the experience at SAHZU for the diversity of its patient population, the western-eastern integrated medicine and its advanced techniques, preparing them to be a global health leader.

The designation by the Chinese Medical Association as the first overseas anesthesiologist training base in China for the Belt and Road Initiative is truly a great honor and high recognition for the Anesthesiology Department at SAHZU. It is also a big step for SAHZU to evolve from “I need the world” into “The world needs me” .advocated by SAHZU President Wang Jian’an.