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SAHZU Leads Zhejiang Provincial Clinical Research Center for Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases
Date:2018.01.23 14:25:00

The launching ceremony of Zhejiang Provincial Clinical Research Center for Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases(Center) was held on December 2, 2017. Under the direction of Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department, SAHZU takes the lead to establish the Center in collaboration with 6 provincial hospitals, 20 municipal and county-level hospitals in Zhejiang province.

According to the statistics, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are the top leading causes for the death of rural and urban residents in China,and the incidence continues to rise in recent years. It is reported that the number of patients with hypertension has reached 266 million and 97 million with diabetes in China. The World Bank predicts that Chinese patients with cardiovascular diseases will be doubled in the year of 2030 comparing to 2010 if without any further effective control, among which a surge of heart attack is projected to be 22 million. Accordingly, the cost of direct and indirect medical care for cardiovascular diseases is staggering, estimated 309.8 billion yuan a year for treatment. Health economics researches show that every yuan invested on hypertension prevention and control can save 8.59 yuan for medical care. There is a compelling need to study the underlying causes of cardiovascular disease and to create new methods of prevention and treatment.

The Center is designed to advance innovative therapeutics and novel diagnostics to treat and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases with its high end facilities and shared platform. Efforts also will be made to translating knowledge gained from research into better patient care and talents cultivation.
As Director of the Center, SAHZU Hospital President Prof. Jian’an Wang,  emphasized that the Center will joint all levels of hospitals and medical information technology companies, to build an integral diagnosis and treatment network, so as to improve the efficiency and coordination of two-way referral and tiered medical system. Meanwhile, the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will be vigorously carried out, thereby nipping the diseases in the bud.