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SAHZU’s New Campus of 33 Hectares Coming in 5 Years
Date:2018.08.27 17:07:00
In 5 years, SAHZU is going to open a new campus at Shushan, the southeastern part of Hangzhou at Xiaoshan District. The new campus will cover a land of about 33 hectares. The signing ceremony between SAHZU and Xiaoshan District Government was held on July 31. Leadership from Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Provincial Government also attended the ceremony and witnessed the historical moment.

Why to build a new campus?

The new campus aims to cater to the needs of healthcare of Hangzhou people and SAHZU’s desires for further development. In response to Zhejiang Provincial Government’s recall to promote healthcare industry, Hangzhou City’s future plan of ‘marching towards to the Qiantang River’ and Zhejiang University’s strategic policy of building ‘world-class universities and first-class disciplines’, the new campus will be a brand new chapter of the century old history of SAHZU. It is hoped the opening of the new campus could be a critical opportunity for SAHZU to foster its research strength too.  

What’s the function of the new campus?

Once the new campus was opened, the administration and the major part of SAHZU will be moved there. While striving to be a global demonstration base of university medical center and to take the lead in medical services in the world, this new campus will function as a platform for different disciplines to work together, an innovation hub for clinical technology translation, a destination for all medical talents and an incubator for world class disciplines. 

What will the design plan be like?

Guided by the principles of value based medicine, the new campus is still going to be a comprehensive hospital with some distinguished specialties, providing quality, precise and caring services for patients. The campus will focus on efficiency, integration and order when designing the construction. There will be a comprehensive trauma center, smart inpatient rooms, one-stop day surgery center and an Internet medicine center geographically. There will also be 6 “specialty hospitals” put together across departments, including hospitals of cardiovascular diseases, cerebral diseases, tumor, bone and sports, rehabilitation and gastroenterology.

Meanwhile, the new campus has full support from the Zhejiang University and the government. With the spirit of innovation and endeavor rooted in the people of Zhejiang, it is believed that the new campus will be an incubator for clinical research as well a base for translational medicine. It will also build a world class physician training facility with clinical simulation center.

What’s the mission of the new campus?

After the new campus project was launched, the current mission for SAHZU now is to recruit talents from all over the world. We welcome the best scientists and top executives to come to SAHZU. The goal is to build a team of faculties and administration full of creativity and passion and willing to serve the society. SAHZU would like to build a destination hospital with all your support.