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SAHZU Shares its Experience of Building eHealth System
Date:2018.10.21 17:06:00

SAHZU shares its experience of building eHealth system on a press briefing with a theme of Internet + Healthcare held by the National Health Commission on Oct 12. The Party Secretary of SAHZU, Dr. Zhengying Chen speaks in front of national healthcare leaders and over 40 reports on behalf of SAHZU about the innovations and achievements of its eHealth system.

SAHZU is not only a pioneer of telemedicine in China but a leader in the development of internet healthcare in the country. In 2007, SAHZU set up its video telemedicine center. In 2010, the SAHZU-UCLA Academic Center for Diagnosis was established. In 2011, SAHZU was appointed as the Regional Center for Telepathology of Ministry of Health. In 2015, SAHZU founded a telemedicine network with the collaboration of the US Chinese American Physician E-Hospital. SAHZU’s eHealth System was expanded to a global network in 2016 and the first one in China to integrate all services data into one. In 2017, the mobile APP “SAHZU Good Doctor” was launched on which patients can consult doctors in real time.

After almost ten years of exploration, SAHZU has become one of the biggest international telemedicine center in China. Besides being the first one in the country to reach out to world renowned medical centers, SAHZU also stretches its network to remote areas inside China including Tibet, Xinjiang, Guizhou, Sansha, etc.

SAHZU’s eHealth system is unique in many ways. Its telemedicine services are easily accessible in regular clinics; its telepathology has been in an integrated system with other hospitals; it could help with the appointment of referral between comprehensive hospitals and community healthcare centers. Further, SAHZU has worked with Karamay Central Hospital of Xinjiang to monitor their patients in ICU in real-me via telemedicine system, which is considered as the first e-ICU in China. Therefore, an all-round eHealth system has been established at SAHZU whose data is shared and synchronized by every terminal and where barriers are breached between hospitals regardless of their levels and geographic locations.

Currently, SAHZU has connected its network with 158 healthcare services within China and several international medical centers. In total, over 30,000 telemedicine cases have been accomplished; 46,755 patients have consulted doctors; 850 tele-education events have been held with 237,000 attendees.