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Professors from Grenoble Alpes University Hospital Visited SAHZU
Date:2018.11.23 17:05:00

A delegation of four doctors and one administration from Grenoble Alpes University Hospital visited SAHZU from Nov. 7 to 10. Academic exchanges and communication about possible research collaboration were conducted between French guests and SAHZU doctors from Surgical Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Urology and Gastroenterology etc. 

Prof. Christel Mathey, the Medical Director of Disaster and Emergency Preparedness, and Prof. Marie-Christine Hérault, a medical doctor specialized in anesthesia and critical care, paid visit to EICU at both Jiefang and Binjiang Campuses. They shared their French experience on critical care with our emergency medicine doctors. Prof. Jean-Luc Faucheron, the Head of the Department of Surgery delivered a lecture for SAHZU Surgical Oncologists and joined the tumor board and the MDT with our doctors from Radiology, General Surgery, Gastroenterology and Radiation Oncology. The Head of the Department of Urological Surgery a
nd Renal Transplantation at Grenoble Alpes University Hospital, Prof. Jean-Jacques Rambeaud visited SAHZU Urology’s inpatient ward as well as outpatient clinics and present his research work at the Department’s morning seminar. It is positive that SAHZU and Grenoble Alpes University Hospital have identified some possible opportunities for future collaboration after this visit. 

It is the third time for Grenoble Alpes University Hospital to send delegates to SAHZU. Exchange program between the two institutes have already been launched since the first visit in 2016. Four SAHZU doctors from Emergency Medicine, Neuroscience ICU and Pharmacy have completed their visiting at Grenoble Alpes University Hospital. The first fellow from Grenoble Alpes University Hospital is currently having his fellowship training at Surgical Oncology.