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SAHZU Passed the 3rd time JCI Accreditation Survey
Date:2019.02.13 11:04:00


On Feb. 2, the Jiefang campus and the Riverside campus of SAHZU togehter passed the JCI accreditation survey after a 6-day thorough inspection. 

During the inspection, 8 JCI surveyors covered every inch of land at SAHZU’s both campuses reviewing the hospital’s efforts in meeting the JCI standards. They interviewed the patients, doctors, nurses, traced the systematic procedures, and looked at the essential documents and facilities. All aspects of healthcare services, logistics, information network and administration etc. were carefully examined.

On the exit conference, surveyors all spoke highly of SAHZU’s performance in quality care and patient safety. Dr. Enrico BALDANTONI, the leader of the surveyor team, commented SAHZU’s outstanding work and said it’s “remarkable” that out of 308 measurements and 1270 elements of JCI standards only several findings were found in the survey at SAHZU.

In the closing speech, Dr. Jian’an WANG, the president of SAHZU, said: “I see every inspection as a cleansing from head to toe and from the inside out that profoundly changes our mind, behaviors and way of doing things. The impression we want to convey to our patients and customers is the praising word we received from the JCI surveyors that SAHZU is indeed a great hospital.” He went on saying: “No matter what kind of certificate, it always has an expiration date. But the pursuit for changes and better performance never ends. I hope JCI standards can be truly integrated into our system. Combination of knowledge and action, synchronization of the steps of hospital leadership and staff, and coordination of hospital development with patient’s needs are the real lessons we should learn from every inspection or survey.”

It’s SAHZU’s 3rd time to have JCI survey since first accredited as a JCI academic medical center in 2013. Joint Commission International (JCI) is a non for profit organization that identifies, measures, and shares best practices in quality and patient safety with the world. It provides leadership and innovative solutions to help health care organizations across all settings improve performance and outcomes. Its expert team works with hospitals and other health care organizations, health systems, government ministries, public health agencies, academic institutions, and businesses to achieve peak performance in patient care.