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International fellow’s review on SAHZU’s cardiology fellowship training
Date:2019.04.25 15:56:00
Philipp Wiesner is an interventional cardiology fellow at the Banner-University Medical Center. Dr. Wiesner recently had an interview with TCC about his path of becoming a clinical cardiology specialist. He talked about his clinical experience at SAHZU where he spent about 2 months with SAHZU Cardiology in 2016 for an international exchange program between SAHZU and UCLA. In this interview, Dr. Wiesner said he considers his time at SAHZU as the most meaningful clinical experience for him so far. We are very grateful for Dr. Wiesner’s comments on the program. The full text of the interview is attached in below. For more information, please visit the link www.tctmd.com/news/philipp-wiesner-md