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Conclusion: 4.2 % Chinese People over Age 20 have Asthma
Date:2019.07.08 10:36:00

Article about Chinese Pulmonary Health Published on The Lancet by SAHZU Professor

A new finding of the Chinese Pulmonary Health Study clearly pointed out that the overall prevalence of asthma among Chinese people over age 20 was 4.2%, representing 45.7 million Chinese adults. The article was published on The Lancet on June 20, co-first authored by Prof. SHEN Huahao, Chair of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of SAHZU. The Department was also listed as the co-first author affiliation. 

Prof. SHEN Huahao (3rd from the right) on the Achievement Conference of the National Asthma Study of China

The new finding for the first time in history reveals the prevalence, risk factors and management of asthma in China. A multi-stage stratified sample with parameters derived from the 2010 census was recruited for this national cross-sectional China Pulmonary Health study. From this study, we can see that asthma has become a major public health challenge and medical issue which demands people’s serious attention and solutions in China. Just like hypertension, malignant tumor, and diabetes, chronic pulmonary disease is making the fourth biggest health burden to Chinese people. This study finding will have enormous impact on the prevention and treatment of asthma in China and a profound influence in government administration, healthcare and the public.

This 5-Year Chinese Pulmonary Health Study, starting from 2010, was jointly conducted by 13 Chinese research institutions. The Department of Pulmonary Medicine of SAHZU was one of the only 2 participant institutions in eastern China area. Prof. SHEN with his medical team, nursing team and medical technician team travelled far to multiple cities, towns and villages in 10 Chinese provinces from 6 geographical regions to conduct on-site pulmonary function tests. Their efforts paid off. Epidemiological studies of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, chronic cough, allergen, pulmonary function in China were carried out in the program with their contribution.  

The Department of Respiratory Medicine of SAHZU is a National Key Discipline designated by the central government of China. It is the core organization of National Clinical Research Center of Pulmonary Medicine and home to the Zhejiang Provincial Key Research Lab of the Treatment and Diagnosis of Pulmonary Disease. It is ranked the 1st in Zhejiang province, top 3 in eastern China area and stands at the 13th position of Fudan List of Best Pulmonary Medicine in China in 2017.

To view the article, please visit: www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(19)31147-X/fulltext