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The Orthopedics Center was founded in 1952 and has enjoyed great national fame since
its genesis. It is known as "the Cradle of Orthopedic Doctors" in the Zhejiang
The Orthopedics Center consists of the Divisions of Joint Surgery and Sports
Medicine, Spine Surgery, Bone Tumor, Orthopedic Trauma, and Foot and Ankle medical issues, serving more than 271,000 outpatients, and performing over 13,000 operations every year. The Department remains to be the provincial leader and maintains itself
at the top of the national level.
Orthopedic Center is grounded in strong scientific research. The Center is funded by
more than 100 national, ministerial, and provincial research grants, over 30 of which are by the Natural Science Foundation of China. In recent years, about 200
research articles have been published at the SCI-indexed journals.