UCLA pediatric neurologists provide written consultation reports in English within 48 hours to 3 working days after receiving all materials necessary for diagnosis. After reviewing your medical records and diagnostic tests, the UCLA consultants will provide a written recommendation regarding your treatment plans or options based on the information provided by you and your current treating physician.

How to start the process?

  Step 01

   • For inpatients at the International Medicine Department, please inform your charge physician of your request.

   • For patients outside the hospital, please contact International Medicine Department and tell us your request.

  Step 02

   • Provide health history and all medical records necessary for the consultation

   • Sign an informed consent

   • Pay a consultation fee

  Step 03:SAHZU transfers the consultation application and materials to HSS.

  Step 04:UCLA issues a consultation report to SAHZU

  Step 05:SAHZU delivers the report to the patient