1.jpgThe Department of Neurosurgery was established in 1957 by Prof. Zhu Yan and Prof. Tao Xiangluo. It was the first neurosurgery department founded in Zhejiang Province and neurosurgery departments in China. During the last five decades, the department played a leading role inneurosurgery in Zhejiang Province, in terms of clinical practice, education, and scientific research. As an academic department, we carry out training programs for most of the neurosurgeons in Zhejiang Province as well as in the other parts of the country. Around 70% of the neurosurgeons in Zhejiang Province have taken training programs in our department. Up to now, about 500 doctors from other hospitals have taken advanced training in our department. Over 100 post-graduates were trained for master and doctoral degree in our department. Some excellent postgraduates have become the leading neurosurgeons in Zhejiang Province and in the northern and northern-west parts of China.

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