Our experienced and well-trained faculties and staffs engage in clinical research, conduct clinical trials and perform basic science research. Every faculties have published in peer-reviewed surgical journal.

The Department has particular expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of urological malignancies, calculi and prostatic diseases. As the leader of endo-urology in Zhejiang Province, we pioneered ureteroscopic pneumatic and holmium laser lithotripsy. Leading the nation, more than 5000 cases of transurethral enucleation of prostate with holmium laser have been performed since 2002, a remarkable record in China. The department has also made advancements in laparoscopic urological surgeries, such as laparoscopic prostatectomy and nephrectomy.

Da Vinci robotic surgical system was launched in 2019, striving to provide the best precise medical care for patients. It has been growing robustly, standing in the leading level in China with its quality and quantity.

• Cancer
• Benign tumors and cysts
• Calculi
• Infection: tuberculosis
• Congenital malformation

Adrenal gland
• Malignant and benign tumors originating from the cortex


Primary aldosteronism
• Malignant and benign tumors originating from the medulla


Urinary tract
• Cancer
• Calculi
• Congenital malformation

Urinary bladder
• Cancer
• Calculi
• Infection
• Diverticulitis

• Cancer
• Inflammation

Males’ genital system
• Cancer
• Infertility
• Congenital malformation

Females’ urology
• Interstitial cystitis
• Stress urinary incontinence

Kidney transplantation
• Transplantation
• Management of acute or chronic rejection


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