Sun Weilian, M.D.

Position:Vice Chair of Oral Medicine, Vice Chair of Oral Medicine

Department:Oral Medicine

Medical School:Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China

Academic Rank:Chief Physician


Clinical / Research Interests

Diagnosis of periodontal diseases such as chronic periodontitis, puberty gingivitis, pregnancy gingivitis, drug-induced gingival enlargements, periodontal disease with systemic diseases, etc. 

Personalized comprehensive treatment of periodontal diseases by multidisciplinary cooperation, periodontal tissue engineering, periodontal soft and hard tissue regeneration such as guided tissue regereration, bone grafts, mucogingival surgery and crown lengthening, etc. And implant treatment of missing teeth. 

Diagnosis and personalized comprehensive treatment of oral mucosal diseases such as oral ulcers, oral lichen planus, oral leukoplakia, oral mucosal candidiasis, oral mucosal allergic diseases, burning mouth syndrome, lip inflammation, glossitis, granulomatous diseases and oral mucosal diseases with systemic diseases, etc.

Professional Highlights

Zhejiang Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Third Prize, 2007

Zhejiang Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Third Prize, 2014

Professional Appointments

Standing Member, Committee of Periodontology, Chinese Stomatological Association

Vice Chair, Committee of Periodontology, Zhejiang Stomatology Association, Chinese Stomatology Association

Education Experience

Research Summary

The relationship between periodontal disease and systemic disease.

Molecular mechanisms of periodontal pathogenesis 

Alveolar absorption and bone repair and reconstruction 

Mechanism of autophagy and alveolar bone resorption/ bone repair and reconstruction 

Periodontal tissue engineering, periodontal soft and hard tissue regeneration


Chen Lili ; Yang Yuting ; Bao Jiaqi; Wang Zhongxiu; Xia Mengjiao; Dai Anna; Tan Jingyi; Zhou Lili; Wu Yanmin; Sun Weilian (corresponding author). Autophagy negative-regulating Wnt signaling enhanced inflammatory osteoclastogenesis from  Pre-OCs in vitro. Biomed Pharmacother. 2020, 126, 469-476.

Weilian Sun, Peihui Ding*, Ting Ke, Danhui Shi, Lihong LEI. The combined orthodontic-periodontal treatment of generalized aggressive periodontitis: a case report. EuroPerio 8, London, UK, 3-6th June, 2015.

Wei-Lian Sun, Li-Hong Lei, Li-Li Chen, Jian-Wei Zhou. Multiple gingival pregnancy tumors with rapid growth. Journal of Dental Science. 2014, 9 (3):289-293.

Wei-Lian Sun, Jian-Liang Yan, Li-Li Chen. Ramsay-Hunt syndrome with unilateral polyneuropathy involving cranial nerves V, VII, VIII, and XII in a diabetic patient. Quintessence International. 2011, 42 (10):873-877. 

Wei-Lian Sun, Li-Li Chen, Su-Zhan Zhang, Yan-Min Wu, Yue-Zhong Ren, Guang-Ming Qin. Inflflammatory cytokines, adiponectin, insulin resistance and metabolic control after periodontal intervention in patients with  type 2 diabetes and chronic periodontitis. Internal Medicine, 2011, 50(15): 1569-1574. 

Wei-Lian Sun, Kan-Lun Xu, Li-Li Chen,Zhong-Sheng Yu. Tuberculosis cutis orificialis with gingival involvement with underlying pulmonary tuberculosis. Australian Dental Journal, 2011, 56 (2) : 216-220. 

Wei-Lian Sun, Li-Li Chen, Su-Zhan Zhang, Yue-Zhong Ren, Guang-Ming Qin. Changes of adiponectin and inflflammatory cytokines after periodontal intervention in type 2 diabetes patients with periodontitis. Arch Oral Biol, 2010, 55, (12) : 970-974.

Current Program

Mechanism of autophagy-related molecular p62 regulating alveolar bone resorption through Wnt signaling pathway. Funding Source: Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang.

Study on periodontal intervention in type 2 diabetes patients with periodontitisincial Hea. Funding Source: Health Commission of Zhejiang Province. 

Cytokine regulation of FoxO1a gene methylation and acetylation mediated insulin resistance of  diabetic periodontitis. Funding Source: Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang.

The improvement of vascular endothelial dysfunction after periodontal treatment. Funding Source: Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education. 

Study on the disorder of hormone secretion of pregnancy woman and the related disease control. Funding Source:  Health Commission of Zhejiang Province. 

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