Xiong Bing, M.D.

Department:Rehabilitation & TCM

Medical School:Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China  

Academic Rank:Associate Chief Physician



Clinical / Research Interests

Rehabilitation of stroke patients, or patients with spinal cord injury, head trauma, conscioiusness disorder, sports injury, speech and swallowing dysfunction, and cognitive and perceptual impairment


Professional Highlights

Secretary, Zhejiang Provincial Hyperbaric Oxygen Medical Quality Control Center

Member, Dysphagia Rehabilitation Committee, Zhejiang Provincial Medical Association

Deputy director, Nutrition committee, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Zhejiang Provincial Medical Association

Member, Prevention and Control Committee, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Zhejiang Provincial Medical Association

Member, Hangzhou Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Member, Prevention and Control Committee, Zhejiang Provincial Stroke Society

Member, Specialized Committee of Musculoskeletal and Superficial Ultrasound, Chinese Research Hospital Association

Member, Sports Science Committee, Zhejiang Provincial Medical Association

Professional Appointments

Xiongbing, Efficacy and safety of a modified method for blind bedside placement of post-pyloric feeding tube: a prospective preliminary clinical trial, Journal of International Medical Research 2021,49(2) 1–20.

Tang Yinshan, Xiong Bing, The effects of acupuncture on cognitive impairment of vascular dementia patients Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis, Medicine, 2019, 98(43): 0-e17648.

X Ding ; B Xiong, Prevalence and clinical correlates of dysphagia in Parkinson disease: A study on Chinese patients, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2017.7.12, 1(72): 82~86.

SHI Xiaoyan, Xiong Bing, Cerebral perfusion SPECT imaging for assessment of the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on patients with postbrain injury neural status, Chinese journal of traumatology (English edition), 2003.3.15, 6(6): 346~349.

Education Experience

Research Summary


Current Program

Precise rehabilitative system on bone and joint injuries. Funding Resource: Key Program of Science and Technology of Zhejiang.

Research on safe bladder management device for patients with indwelling catheterization. Funding Resource: Public Interest Program of Science and Technology of Zhejiang.

Study on the mechanism of Du Mai electroacupuncture in the treatment of neuronal apoptosis in different brain regions of AD double transgenic mice. Funding Resource: National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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