Zheng Youyang, M.S.

Department:Oral Medicine

Medical School:Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China

Academic Rank:Associate Chief Physician


Clinical / Research Interests

Operative dentistry; endodontic treatment of pulp and periapical disease; etiology treatment of periodontal disease; diagnosis and treatment of oral mucosa diseases; oral health instruction; teeth whitening.

Professional Highlights

Professional Appointments

Education Experience

Research Summary


Youyang ZHENG, Yong LI, Yaoshu TENG, Zhen ZHANG, Xiaolin CAO*. Association of NAT2 phenotype with risk of head and neck carcinoma: A meta-analysis. ONCOLOGY LETTERS, 2012, 3: 429-434.

Youyang ZHENG*, Jiala ZHANG, Xiaolin CAO, Weilian SUN, Yanmin WU, Lili CHEN. Tooth hard tissue stimulates bone remodeling as a potential motive force during tooth eruption. Molecular Medicine Reports. 2012, 5: 1207-1211.

Youyang ZHENG, Lan YANG, Jie ZHANG, Weilian SUN*, Lili CHEN. The observation of periodontal treatment effect on a severe chronic periodontitis for 4 years. Chin J Stomatol, 2012,47(2): 96-99.

Youyang ZHENG, Jiali ZHANG, Lan YAN, Ben CHEN, Weilian SUN. Whitening with micro wear effect on treatment of dental fluorosis. J Clin Dent, 2012,(1): 34-35.

Youyang ZHENG, Jiali ZHANG, Ben CHEN , Weilian SUN, Jie ZHANG. Clinical observation of tooth discoloration after root canal treatment. Journal of Oral Med 2012, 32(7): 447-448.

Jiali ZHANG, Youyang ZHENG, Jimei SU. The measurement and research of surface potentials of human tooth in vitro. Oct-26-2001, The proceeding of the 23rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in medicine and biology society.

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