SAHZU Epilepsy Accredited as National Comprehensive Epilepsy Center



SAHZU Epilepsy Center was officially accredited as the National Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. The inauguration took place at the opening ceremony of the 9th International Epilepsy Forum held by China Association Against Epilepsy (CAAE) on Oct. 18.

The accreditation came shortly after a thorough inspection by experts and leadership from CAAE. During the inspection, SAHZU Vice President Dr. HUANG Jian gave a general introduction about the efforts the hospital has invested in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy in regulations and policies, clinical procedures, department organization, talents cultivation, equipment, etc. Multidisciplinary work about epilepsy and achievements were presented to the inspection team along with key medical devices, procedures and technologies, and number of professionals at SAHZU epilepsy. The inpatient rooms, EEG examination room and neuro ICU were also carefully looked at. In the end of the inspection, the team spoke highly of SAHZU epilepsy center.

SAHZU epilepsy program was launched in September 2012. Its team consists of not only epilepsy doctors, but accomplished experts from many related specialties such as functional neurology, neuroimaging, neuropsychiatry, nuclear medicine, nutrition, etc. Several team members have studied at internationally renowned medical institutes including Cleveland Clinic in USA and National Epilepsy Center in Japan for further training of the condition.

Under the guidance of Prof. CHEN Zhong and Prof. DING Meiping, the team has made remarkable accomplishments. The long-term seizure remission rate after surgical management of non-focal seizures has been improved to 80% at SAHZU. The team adopts a more effective neural regulation treatment plan for limbic seizures. Practice and research of Ketogenic diet in seizure patients are being carried out at the center too.

Until now, the team has published multiple articles in Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Annals of Neurology, Neuron, Brain Behavior and Immunity, Epilepsia, etc. It’s now leading 10 major national research projects.