Happy 150th birthday, SAHZU!



The Second Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine celebrated its 150th anniversary of founding. The grand ceremony took place at Hangzhou at 8:30 AM on Dec. 6th.

Distinguished guests from home and abroad attended the ceremony, including Deputy Governor of Zhejiang Provincial Government Mr. CHENG Yuechong, Secretary of Zhejiang CPC Party Mr. REN Shaobo, Chairman of Chinese Medical Doctor Association Commission Prof. ZHANG Yanling, British Consul-General in Shanghai Mr. Chris Wood, UCLA Chancellor Prof. Gene Block, Professor from University of Melbourne Yean Leng Lim, Medical Director of Grenoble Alpes University Hospital Prof. Jean-Pierre Zarski. 

SAHZU President Prof. WANG Jian’an first delivered a warm welcome remark to the audience on behalf of the hospital. “Having lived through 3 centuries, SAHZU has made excellent achievements over the past 150 years. So many memorable events, moments, and people have been marked in the hospital’s history. Guangji spirit has taken its deep root since the predecessor of SAHZU, Guangji Hospital, set off a century ago. 150 years of magnificent journey and 150 years of endeavor have forged SAHZU’s past and future” said Prof. WANG Jian’an. 

Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial CPC Committee Mr. CHE Jun and Governor of Zhejiang Provincial Government Mr. YUAN Jiajun sent their congratulations to SAHZU too. Mr. CHEN spoke highly of SAHZU’s spirit, core value of putting patients and customers first and its top-ranking medical service. Mr. YUAN Jiajun also extended his gratitude to SAHZU people for their continuous quality services, innovation and education.


British Consul-General in Shanghai Mr. Chris Wood gave his remarks on the ceremony too. He expressed his gratitude to Dr. David Duncan Main and Dr. Stephen Douglas Sturton’s devotion to UK-China relation 100 years ago. In his remarks he thinks of the two doctors as “real pioneers who helped establish those human bonds between our two countries”. He also looks forward to future collaboration between the two countries because “China’s health and life-science landscape is transforming rapidly” and he believes there is “a great opportunity for China to work with overseas partners to develop safer, higher quality and ever-more-effective therapies, medicines and clinical solutions.”

After distinguished guests’ remarks, an awarding ceremony staged SAHZU and University of California Los Angeles’ close bond ship and future vision. SAHZU and UCLA have been collaborating extensively since 2009. The SAHZU-UCLA Joint Academic Center for Diagnosis is currently the biggest telemedicine program in China. Efforts of joint research and joint training have been heavily invested by both sides. Therefore, SAHZU President Prof. WANG Jian’an and UCLA Chancellor Prof. Gene Block signed an advanced agreement on behalf of the two parties in front of all audience in the ceremony. After the signing ceremony, Chairman of Zhejiang CPPCC Provincial Committee Mrs. GE Huijun presented the International Outstanding Cooperation Contribution Award to Prof. Block as a recognition of UCLA’s long-lasting support of the development of healthcare service in SAHZU and Hangzhou.

To close the ceremony, Prof. WANG shared his vision of SAHZU. He hope the future SAHZU would keep true to its original mission of guarding the health of people while vigorously involving itself in the fast development of the whole country and the world. The ultimate goal of SAHZU is to become a world-leading medical center and give back to the people and the public.