SAHZU Executive President Prof. WANG Weilin Receives the “Chinese Doctor” Award

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微信图片_20200821141028.jpgPROF. WANG WEILIN AT THE CEREMONY

Prof. WANG Weilin, executive president of SAHZU, is honored with the 12th “Chinese Doctor” award for his commitment to the anti-epidemic work. The awarding ceremony was held in Beijing on August 19. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic began raging in Wuhan and sweeping across China, Prof. WANG Weilin rose to the challenge and volunteered to be the leader of the SAHZU medical squad to Wuhan, the most frontier of the battle against the vicious virus. At the makeshift ICU that the squad took over in Wuhan, Prof. WANG devoted himself into the patient management and ICU build-up. Not only was his excellent practices and knowledge brought to the people of Wuhan, but SAHZU’s enduring spirit that patients should always be put first was manifested by his un-resting work for critical COVID patients. 

The “Chinese Doctor” award is the highest national honor presented to doctors in China by the National Health Commission every two years. The goal of the award is to commend the most outstanding figures among Chinese doctors and praise their dedication and devotion to the healthcare profession.