Number of SAHZU’s 2020 NSFC Grant Surpasses 120



The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) releases the result of 2020 NSFC funding review Tuesday. SAHZU receives 128 research grants from the NSFC this year, ranking the 1st in Zhejiang, for the 10th consecutive year, and the 4th in China.

The 128 grants include 3 national major programs filed by Prof. WANG Jianan from the Cardiology Department, Prof. HUANG Pintong from the Ultrasound Department and Prof. ZHANG Hong from the Nuclear Medicine Department, 1 featured program filed by Prof. YU Xiaofang from the Cancer Institute, 61 general programs and 63 young scholar programs. 30 clinical, lab, imaging and research departments of SAHZU are granted with NSFC funding, covering various fields of medical research.

SAHZU has been continuously encouraging devotion to research and innovation from the hospital level. It conducts a top-down design of clinical department clusters. By strengthening the bonds between departments, sparkles of potential research opportunities might be ignited. The hospital also emphasizes that medical research should address problems found in the process of clinical services and doctors should answer to patients’ needs. As a result, the past decade has seen a significant growth of SAHZU’s research strength, the number of SAHZU’s NSFC grants has doubled since 2011.  

The goal of SAHZU in research is to build itself as a research and development platform of national level, a leading academic center with greatest influence in some fields of medicine, and an incubator for next-generation researchers. For this goal, SAHZU will always remain firmly to its path of development.