SAHZU Opens New Hospital Campus



SAHZU opens its new Jianggan Campus on Friday. Over 200 guests are present at the opening ceremony, among whom are ZHANG Ping, Director of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission, TENG Yong, Secretary of Jianggan District, and ZHOU Tianhua, Vice President of Zhejiang University. The guests witnessed the exciting moment and delivered congratulation messages.

The Jianggan Campus is located at the east of Hangzhou, right next to the transportation hub Hangzhou East Station, covering a land of 112,500 square meters with 600 licensed beds. The new hospital is a state-owned, public, and non-for-profit hospital put together by the People's Government of Jianggan District, Wuchan Zhongda Co. Ltd, and SAHZU. As the three parties jointly agree, the goal of the SAHZU new campus is to better serve the river area and great bay area, and support the integrated development of Yangtze River delta. SAHZU will be the sole operator of the Jianggan campus, aiming to build a quality hospital providing great specialized services as well as comprehensive care under SAHZU's integrated management team.

According to the SAHZU Executive President Prof. WANG Weilin, the new campus will adopt a multidisciplinary treatment mode that centers around patients and diseases. The hospital will focus on the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal tumors and other conditions that require surgical or operational treatment. It will also pay attention on the screening and early diagnosis of malignant tumors. By making the most use of SAHZU's clinical expertise, the campus looks forward to combining its comprehensive medical service and clinical strength with basic and translational research in building a high-profile platform and team, so as to nurture great outcome and protect the health of Hangzhou people. The Jianggan campus begins to operate its outpatient services starting from November 2 and inpatient, emergency and fever clinic services are coming soon in near future.

"We see the opening of the Jianggan campus as a great opportunity to foster the establishment of national regional medical centers of cardiovascular medicine and trauma, to carry forward individualized comprehensive/precise treatment of tumors, and to build the day radiation oncology center into a world-leading institution," said SAHZU President Prof. WANG Jian'an, "We are benchmarked against the world renowned medical centers, because the vision of SAHZU as a whole is to innovate medicine and lead the development of medical services in the new era."