SAHZU Ranks 7th in the “National Examination”

Author:LI JING | Reviewer:LI JING | Editor:LI JING | Source:SAHZU OFFICIAL WECHAT | Date:2021-04-01 | Views:

The result of 2019 Chinese National Tertiary Hospital Performance Evaluation is revealed Tuesday March 30. SAHZU is accredited as an A++ hospital again and ranks 7th out of 2413 Chinese public tertiary hospitals, two positions up from previous year. Besides siting in the top rank in the country, SAHZU also leads in the province as it's the only Zhejiang hospital that ranks top 10 in China in two consecutive years.

Since last year, Chinese central health authority started to assess four dimensions of all Chinese public tertiary hospitals - service quality, operation efficiency, continuous development, satisfaction survey. With a goal to enhance the ongoing national healthcare reform and to promote quality-orientated growth of hospitals, the evaluation is considered to be setting standards or directing developmental path for public healthcare institutions. Therefore, the result of the evaluation can be seen as an official and comprehensive report about the real performance of Chinese tertiary hospitals, composed and delivered by the most authoritative health agency in China.