1.5k On-Site Attendees and 800k Online Views: China Valve 2021 Successfully Held


China Valve (Hangzhou) 2021, the 7-day academic feast held by SAHZU in partnership with CSI (an internationally renowned organization dedicated to promoting development in the field of congenital, structural and valvar heart disease interventions worldwide), held its closing ceremony on Sunday.

The conference featured 10 academic topics and presented 7 seminars, 10 workshops and 132 lectures via 5 on-site sessions and 3 online sessions. Over 400 speakers and moderators, including about 60 international guests, attended the conference online or on-site. More than 1500 audience registered for the event.

The highlight of the conference -- 117 cases demonstration (75 live streamed, 42 pre-recorded) by 81 medical institutions in 15 countries, attracted over 800k total views from 23 countries and regions in 7 days.


Education is the main theme of on-site sessions. Experts' experience on team building, patient selection, postoperative analysis was discussed from difference perspectives, such as cardiac ultrasound, mitral valve procedures, basic research and anesthesiology etc. To apply theory in practice, trainees were guided step by step to learn from pre-recorded cases.

As a conference bridging Chinese cardiologists with international counterparts, it also organized multiple seminars, including JACC: Asia Focus Seminar on Innovations and Asia Valve Roundtable Discussion, to promote communication across the globe and to inspire innovative thinking of domestic colleagues.

It is China Valve's hope that with experience sharing, surgery skill demonstrations and panel discussions progress can be made in the field of valvular heart diseases. The conference looks forward to reunion at Hangzhou in 2022.

Click here to review the recording of the conference. 

Author: LI JING | Reviewer: LI JING | Editor: LI JING | Source: SAHZU CARDIOLOGY | Date:2021-07-28 | Views: