Number of SAHZU’s NSFC Grant Nearly Tripled in Ten Years, Ranking 2nd in China


After multiple rounds of scrutinous reviewing, National Natural Science Foundation of China releases its granted programs for year 2021 Wednesday. 159 programs, including 7 major programs, applied by SAHZU physicians and scientists from 35 departments or research institutes are in the list, the number of which rank the second among all Chinese hospitals, marking another breakthrough in SAHZU's scientific research efforts.

Deemed to be a clinical-oriented research hospital, SAHZU has been always trying to crack medical conundrum that others can't. After years of development, a "bedside to bench and back" translational approach is gradually adopted hospital-wide with innovation as its core inner drive.

"The core value of patients and customers first is deeply rooted in SAHZU's culture for 152 years since its foundation. For us, it is pivotal to meet patients' need." SAHZU Director Prof. Wang Jian'an talks about the secret behind the hospital's quick and robust growth in recent years. "Doctors are not merely service providers with their knowledge and skills. They should lead and explore the science of medicine. We encourage our physicians to set goals to conquer difficult diseases to stimulate their potentials. Multidisciplinary teams and innovation clubs centered around clinicians are thus created across the hospital. Researchers and clinicians are tied closely to work on innovative translational research together, which eventually yield great achievements that could benefit all patients."

Author: LI JING | Reviewer: LI JING | Editor: LI JING | Source: SAHZU OFFICIAL WECHAT | Date:2021-08-19 | Views: