Resident from UCLA Anesthesiology Speak Highly of SAHZU Residency Training Program


Since 2012 that SAHZU became the first hospital to provide Anesthesia Resident Overseas Training Program approved by Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education,there have been six UCLA anesthesiology residents visiting SAHZU. In November 2016, UCLA sent a senior resident Dr. Sepehr Rejai to SAHZU Anesthesiology Department for a 4 weeks’ residency training program.

Dr. Rejai is an Iranian-American without any Chinese culture background and it is his first time to visit China. Anesthesiology Department of SAHZU designed a very detailed and well structured program for him. During these 4 weeks, Dr. Rejai got to know the operation and management of Anesthesiology Department, and participated in the intra-operative anesthesia management for patients from various specialties, such as cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, burn surgery, and thoracic surgery and etc. He also attended TEE anesthesia operation and nerve block operation under ultrasonic guidance. Meanwhile, he spent a few days in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department where he learned the “Yin” and “Yang” doctrine, the concept of flow of “qi” and Chinese acupuncture skill, which is a rewarding experience for him to get further understanding about the healthcare service in China.

At a morning conference, Dr. Rajai gave an exciting lecture named Perioperative Management of Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices, which was also synchronously broadcasted to other collaborating hospitals of SAHZU through the internet.

After returning to UCLA, Dr. Rejai posted an article on UCLA website, where he narrated the experiences he had in China and also made a very positive evaluation on the residency program from SAHZU.