Cross Strait Hospital CEO Forum 2017 Listed as Key Exchange Project by Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council


Hosted by the Second Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Taiwan consortium medical quality policy and Zhejiang Hospital Association, the 6th Cross Strait Hospital CEO Forum was held in Hangzhou from May 4th to 6th 2017 with the new theme of “Building an interconnected healthcare system”.

The forum was packed with about one thousand CEOs and staffs from domestic and oversea hospitals. Focusing on the subject of “Leadership strategies on the interconnected healthcare system” and “Create coordinated care inside hospital to fulfill Patients First”, the meeting fueled the enthusiasm for academic exchanges. Attendees not only heard inspiring lectures by outstanding scholars, but also interacted with hospital management elites and visited SAHZU for deep experience. There were also four International speakers showed up to share the experiences on hospital coordination and patient centric care.

Anne Mottram, Director of Strategy, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, On “Developing Sustainable, Integrated Health Systems”

Phioanh Leia Nghiemphu, M.D. David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, on “Value-Based Care Coordination in a Virtual Integrated Practice Unit-Experience with the UCLA Health Brain Tumor Center”

Latif Al-Hakim, Prof.  on “Lean thinking perspective for improving patient’s flow and physicians’ operations”

Karl-Walter Jauch, Medical Director, LMU Hospital, on “Perspectives of University Medicine in Germany”

The forum has achieved great success since its inception in 2011. It has been listed as one of the Key Projects of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council,  the first and also the only one that initiated by a hospital. Meanwhile, to the hearts of peers, it has become a branded forum on cross-strait cooperation and exchange, which has been greatly facilitating the exchange and cooperation in hospital management between China mainland and Taiwan.