Vice Premier Liu Yandong Visits SAHZU


On the afternoon of May 11th 2017, Liu Yandong, the member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, visited SAHZU.

Premier Liu firstly went to the Emergency Center to send her warm greetings to the frontline hospital staff and joined the celebration for 5.12 International Nurse Day. Hospital President Dr. Wang Jian’an briefed her lean management at SAZHU, SAHZU’s role in public hospital reform, the development of disciplines, and the achievements of innovation and the globalization at SAHZU and received positive response from Premier Liu. Premier Liu also highly spoke the rapid response that SAHZU made for the July 5th Hangzhou Bus Arson in 2014 and the successful treatment for the falling girl Niuniu. Liu suggested that the experiences should be propagandized widely and set up the role models for public. She indicated great interests in SAZHU’s pioneering work, such as air medical service, research and development of cardiac valve approved by SFDA of China, and the clinical application of the state of art technique of trans-aortic valve replacement, and the productive international collaboration.

Premier Liu was delighted to see the progress of Hospital Health Alliance achieved at SAHZU. The innovative and tailored collaboration model with the different levels’ hospitals and community health centers could be an exemplar for the whole country.

During the visit, a cadre of government officials visited SAHZU too. They are: LI Bin, Director of National Health and Family Planning Commission; Jiang Xiaojuan, Deputy Secretary General of the State Council; Wang Guoqiang, Deputy Director of the State Council; Che Jun, Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of CPC; Chen Jinbiao, Secretary General of Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of CPC; Chen Yuechong, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province; Jin Deshui, Party Chief of Zhejiang University.