SAHZU Telemedicine Service Reaches China’s Southernmost City of Sansha


SAHZU telemedicine service reaches China's southernmost city of Sansha through donating telemedicine equipments and providing expert consultation, Hainan province.  The donation ceremony was held at Sansha People’s Hospital on May 26th, 2017.

Yongxing Island, located at 16°50.1' north latitude and 112°19.8' east longitude, is the largest island in the South China Sea. Created on Yongxing Island in the Huangsha Islands in 2012, Sansha is China’s youngest prefecture-level city, which administers Xisha Islands, Nansha Islands and Zhongsha Islands and their sea area, with 2500 residents, an island area of 13 and a sea area of 2.6 million

Since Sansha city is in the early stage of development with weak infrastructure, the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China invited SAHZU to assist in the medical development in that city, hoping to promote high-quality medical resources sharing and enable Sansha people to enjoy a high level of medical services without leaving the island through the use of internet and information technology.

Telemedicine is not only the expert consultation through cameras; it has more significance in the interconnection of medical data. As the most important part of this telemedicine project, SAHZU donated a remote mobile medical trolley to Sansha city. Besides the call function of high-fidelity video, the equipment can access to the data of medical equipments, such as electronic medical records, ECG monitor, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). With the remote mobile medical trolley, the internet medicine is truly started in Sansha city.