Cardiovascular Specialists from America and Korea Learned New Technology at SAHZU


On May 23rd, 2017, a team of 10 Cardiovascular Intervention specialists from America and Korea visited SAHZU, purposely to learn the state-of-art technology of Cardiovascular Intervention operation.

Cardiac Interventional Center of SAHZU arranged a busy schedule for the team on that day. Firstly, Professor Jian’an Wang demonstrated a case of left auricle closure implantation and explained in details on the key links of surgery, such as the inter-atrial septal puncture, the left auricle imaging, the left heart ear closure placed in and esophageal ultrasonography. Then, Professor Meixiang Xiang demonstrated a case of heart three pacemaker implant procedure and also gave the details about the indications of surgery, axillary venipuncture, and left ventricular lead implantation.

Among the team, there were 5 Korean specialists including 4 physicians and 1 nurse specifically targeted at the technology of left auricle closure implantation. This skill was originally developed by SAHZU in 2014, and has been applied on over 100 operations so far, but very sporadic cases in Korea. Professor Jian’an Wang is one of the three experts firstly awarded as Watchman Global Proctor to this technology. This certification is effective globally but with very strict entry requirements including more than 40 cases of independent surgery operations done in person without any surgical complications and the whole process has to be supervised by a third party.

Since 2015, five cardiovascular specialists from the Ronald Reagan Medical Center of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), have visited SAHZU to accept for 2-4 weeks training cycle on interventional technology. Because of the cultural difference between China and United States, as well as the various in patient group and medical process, part of the technology they have never seen or used before. They were so impressed by the busy but efficient running of the Cardiac center, the exquisite technology, the huge amount of surgery, and the vast and diverse disease cases.

Meanwhile, SAHZU heart center team has been invited many times to India, Australia and Philippine to conduct the interventional surgery, trying to spread the new skills to every corner of the world.