SAHZU and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) initiated the Joint Academic Center for Diagnosis in 2010, which provides patients in China with UCLA physicians' second opinion of pathology via telemedicine. The network has grown to include another 10 Chinese hospitals in past years, benefiting a wider population. As of today, the SAHZU-UCLA telepathology program has completed over 3700 cases. 

After receiving all relevant materials, UCLA pathologists will provide written consultation reports in English within 3-7 working days. 

How to start the process? 

Step 01:

• For inpatients at the International Medicine Department, please inform your attending physician of your request.

• For patients outside the hospital, please contact International Medicine Department and tell us your request.

Step 02: 

• Provide health history and all medical records necessary for the consultation.

• Physicians fill in the telepathology application form.

• Patients sign an informed consent.

• Patients pay the consultation fee.

Step 03: SAHZU transfers the consultation application and materials to UCLA.

Step 04: UCLA issues a consultation report in English to SAHZU.

Step 05: SAHZU delivers the report to patient.

For more information about telepathology, please consult the SAHZU eHealth Center: 0571-87767099