SAHZU Healthcare Professionals Get COVID-19 Vaccines

Author:JING LI | Reviewer:JING LI | Editor:JING LI | Source: | Date:2021-01-08 | Views:


SAHZU Director Prof. WANG Jian’an and President Prof. WANG Weilin and another 300 SAHZU healthcare professionals all get the Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines Thursday.

"SAHZU will prioritize the healthcare professionals who work at the Fever Clinic, isolation units, emergency medicine department and medical labs where there are potential risks of contracting the virus in clinical settings, based on the distribution of vaccines." said Prof. WANG Jian'an. "The vaccination work at SAHZU started on September 29. A total of 991 SAHZU health professionals have been vaccinated in two groups. No severe side effects are observed so far. So today, another 300 colleagues are getting the vaccines. 3000 more have voluntarily registered and are lining up for vaccination in future."

Vaccination is one of the most convenient way to prevent and control infectious diseases. By improving bodies’ immune response, vaccines are our best chance to curb and even end the spread of an infection. Every age group has their suitable vaccines. Vaccination for adults is as critical as it is for children. Vaccines for pneumonia, flu, varicella (chickenpox), measles and rubella, etc. can effectively protect us from these infections. Same thing for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Prof. WANG Jian'an commented: "The COVID-19 vaccines made by our country are adding extra confidence to our fight against the pandemic."

Vaccines could be one of the control measures of the pandemic. However, the emphasis should also be made on the monitor of all staff and all physical hospital space when it comes to infection prevention and control inside a healthcare institution.

SAHZU sees patients and saving life as its primary task. The hospital has been consistently implementing strict measures to prevent hospital infection from the beginning of the pandemic. All hospital staff is well prepared to guard the health of our patients and community.