24.jpgThe Department of Neurology, established in 1955, is one of the earliest neurological departments in China. It was also the only neurological department in Zhejiang Province until the end of the 1970s. Now the multidisciplinary Neurological department is a leader in treating and conducting research on the most complex neurological disorders.


In our Department, personalized and advanced care is provided. We also train many medical students and residents. Our Master Degree program was approved in 1985 and Doctor Degree program was approved in 2005. It was listed as the key department of Zhejiang University in 1995 and promoted as the key medical department of Zhejiang Province in 1997. It is also one of the first clinical pharmacology bases in China. The department keeps developing in the past 50 years. Funds were granted from state and province, allowing us to attract many Chinese experts. We are highly reputed not only in Zhejiang Province and but also in eastern China. Several specialized divisions were set up, including movement disorder division, stroke division and epilepsy division.

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