The Department of Ophthalmology is a modernized international department which combines medical treatment, education and scientific research. It originated from one of the earliest founded western ophthalmic departments in Hangzhou Guangji Hospital. Immediately after the P.R. China was founded, Prof. Wu Xichan and his colleagues, all  reputable veteran ophthalmologists, established the Department of Ophthalmology in the hospital. Later, under the guidance of many well-known ophthalmologists such as Professors Chen Gai, Wang Jin, Jiang Jiekai and Yao Ke, the department greatly expanded. In 1997, the Department of Ophthalmology was established formally. It was supplied with world-class technology and equipment and adopted a western style management system, which festered the department’s fast development. The department is now ranked among the top in the nation.

The total investment to acquire the most advanced equipment for diagnosis and treatment is around 80 million RMB (approximately USD 11 million), which establishes a strong base for the department to provide  medical treatment, offer medical education and conduct medical science research. The advanced equipments include: 25 RodenStock Phoropter Units, 12 sets of Zeiss and Leica Surgical Microscopes, 2 Stellaris Phacoemulsification units, 5 Millennium Phacoemulsification and Vitrectomy units, 3 Zeiss MEL80 Excimer Laser, 4 foreign YAG Laser and Fundus & Endo laser units, 1 ORBSAN corneal topographic system, Retina Thickness Analysis Systems and Ultrasonic Bio-Microscopes, as well as a KONAN Specula Microscope, a LKC ERG, 2 Roland RET Iscan, a Heidelberg HRA, a TOPCON Fundus & Anterior Camera, OCTOPUS Automatic Perimeter, Non-contact Tonometers, Auto-Refractors, Ophthalmic ultrasonic A/B Scan, etc.. These excellent equipments palce our department at a high technological level that at least equal to any developed countries.


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