Founded in 1869,the General Surgery at SAHZU has a long and profound history. It is the home of the first Whipple’s procedure in China and the cradle of outstanding surgeons across the country. The Department enjoys high reputation in its innovation and quality of care.  In 1990s, liver paraenchymal transection with “Curettage and Aspiration Dissection” technique and the technique to prevent from pancreatic leakage developed by Prof. Peng Shuyong well received by international counterparts. Over the years, it has won numerous international and national awards and honors. It has been recognized as the Key Clinical Specialty by Ministry of Health of China since 2012.

Currently, the Department has Pancreatic/Hepatobiliary, Gastrointestinal, Thyroid Surgery Divisions and SICU. The number of operation annually is around 4000, including approximately 400 gastrectomy, 200 hepatotectomy and 150 pancreactomy.

Our surgeons performed the first piggy-back liver transplantation in Zhejiang province in 1978. Since 2012, a series of non-heart-beating donor liver transplantations has been performed, with national leading surgical success rate of 100% and recipient survival rate of 90%. Also, we are one of the largest minimally invasive thyroid surgery center in the country. Our standardized practice for the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid tumor has set the exemplar nationwide.

With the vision to be an internationally recognized hospital, the Department has attached much importance on international collaboration. It has established partnership with counterparts in the United States, Germany, Australia. Medical students from Charite Medical Center Berlin complete their internships in the Department since 2011. The training of the residents from University of Colorado Hospital at the Department is approved and recognized as equivalent to and part of the residency training at its home institution by ACGME.

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