The Department of Burns was founded in 1958 as one of the earliest burn departments in China. After one and half century’s development, the department is standing in the top in Zhejiang Province in the field of burns. It serves as Zhejiang Provincial Technical Guidance Center for Burns. It is recognized as the Provincial Clinical Key Specialty by Zhejiang Provincial Health Bureau and as the National Clinical Key Specialty by former Ministry of Health. In addition, the department is designated as National Residents and Fellows Training Base for Burns and also the Training Base for Management of Diabetes Related Chronic Wound.

The department has 60 beds and many advanced equipments such as ventilators, air mattresses, air-floating beds and electric dermatomes. The department is capable of dealing with thermal burn, chemical burn, electric burn, radiation burn, hot crush injury, hypertrophic scar, keloid, avulsed wound, contusion, laceration of skin, defect of soft tissue, osteofascial compartment syndrome, chronic ulcer, diabetic foot, bed sore, abscess and paronychia etc. During the past several decades, tens of thousands of patients have received treatment and rehabilitation here. The LA50 and LAⅢ50 are 90% and 50%.

SAHZU burn doctors strive to give the best care to patients.

For first aid or patient referral, please contact +86-571-87763661 or +86-13735889920


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