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Since 1970s, SAHZU has sent nearly one hundred healthcare professionals to provide their expertise and medical assistance in Mali, Central African Republic, Liberia, Fiji, and etc. 

Most of the SAHZU experts stay there for two years and care for local people's medical needs in underdeveloped areas.

In order to better enhance the medical capability of these countries, SAHZU also organizes specially designed training programs targeting the most-needed knowledge for the local doctors. 



SAHZU Ophthalmologists at Mali Hospital: 

SAHZU ophthalmologists launched the Mobile Eye Hospital Project in 1980s and have been continuously performing free eye surgeries for people living in remote high land areas. The total surgery volume has surpassed 10,000 as of today. In 2020, SAHZU ophthalmologists went to Mali in Africa and performed 40 cataract surgeries there, equivalent to half of the annual volume of their local hospital.



Mali doctors having training course at SAHZU: 

With Zhejiang Health Commission's support, SAHZU has been receiving doctors from Mali to have training courses at SAHZU. For example, two Mali doctors had training at the Departments of Neursurgery and Anesthesiology in 2019. 

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