International Telemedicine

Telemedicine is essentially the practice of medicine at a distance enabled by technology and high-speed telecommunications networks. We have found that telemedicine improves access to specialty medical care, increases patient convenience, and encourages patient compliance and continuity of care.

SAHZU is a pioneer and leader in telemedicine in China. Our services have provided consultation for 30,000 cases by enabling seamless access to remote care in multiple specialties nationwide.

In addition, SAHZU has partnered with University of California Los Angeles in the United States to provide international telepathology services for local patients since 2010. As of today, more than 3700 telepathology cases have been completed, making SAHZU one of the biggest centers of international telemedicine in China.

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SAHZU Telemedicine's virtual consult care now includes cardiovascular medicine, liver transplant, colorectal cancer, neurological diseases along with other specialties (view our department list). By working with you, we would like to provide you with enhanced care through connecting you to our top experts in various specialties. 

For more information about consultation with SAHZU specialists, please visit the website.

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On October 22, 2010, the establishment of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Medical Center and SAHZU Joint Academic Center for Diagnosis built a bridge of international medical services for domestic and foreign patients. It has been highly recommended by the relevant state departments. Now, the UCLA-SAHZU Joint Academic Center for Diagnosis provides both telepathology and telemedicine consultation services. The program allows local patients to have second opinions from internationally renowned medical institutions.

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