SAHZU strives to make our medical services more accessible, more efficient, and more affordable to patients all around the world. We are here whenever and wherever you need us.

WHO is SAHZU telemedicine for?

For patients in need of second opinions: After carefully reviewing your symptoms and medical histories, our world-renowned expert doctors are here to help you find a more confident answer for your medical concerns.

For patients with plans of traveling to SAHZU for medical care: Before committing to long distance travel to SAHZU, you can first meet our SAHZU experts virtually to review your medical profiles and provide insights into your treatment options.

For international patients in need of follow-up consultations: Don't worry if you have returned home after SAHZU treatment. Through telemedicine, you can meet virtually with your trusted doctor who know your health conditions the most and take time discussing treatment follow-ups.


WHY SAHZU Telemedicine?

More convenient:It is easier to fit SAHZU telemedicine into your busy schedule. Depending on your time preference, you can enjoy our seamless digital healthcare experience from your own sofa with your beloved family.

More timely: When you have a serious or complex health condition, everyday counts. After receiving your medical records, we will review them promptly and in most cases, arrange the telemedicine appointment within 10 working days.

More trusted: Over 7 million patients visit SAHZU annually out of their trust for our professional physician service, cutting-edge technologies, and state-of-the-art equipment. To live up to the trust, SAHZU treats the patients as family and is prepared to assess even the most complex cases.

More personalized: We have more than 3000 specialty doctors. We coordinate across disciplines to discuss all possibilities, and arrive with the best treatment option that is just for you. During telemedicine consultation, you can directly talk to the SAHZU expert and take time addressing any medical concerns you may have.


How our telemedicine program works?


You or your local physician requests the telemedicine consultation by filling up the form below. Upon submitting this form, you will receive an email and will have the opportunity to upload more detailed medical records.

Step 2: MATCH

The SAHZU telemedicine team will gather your medical records and carefully select the right SAHZU expert that that best fits your medical needs. Upon matching with a SAHZU expert, we will send you more detailed information and together, select a preferred time for consultation.

Step 03: CONSULT

The video consultation typically lasts between 30 minutes and one hour, and will be carried out in English or Chinese. During the consultation, the SAHZU experts will explain the treatment options that would benefit the most for you. You may also address any questions or concerns you may have.

Step 04: REPORT

We will issue an English/Chinese written report within 7 work days after the video consultation and send it to you or your physician via email.

Telemedicine services that we offer

Cardiovascular diseases

SAHZU cardiologists receive medical consultations to assist in the treatment of valvular conditions, coronary heart disease, and congenital heart disease, and the clinical application of pacemaker implantation and radiofrequency. For additional information, please reference this brochure.

Liver transplant

The SAHZU liver transplantation team has completed the first combined liver and dual lung transplant in China. Team is especially good at living-donor pediatric liver transplant. The postoperative survival rate of its pediatric patients is in the leading level in the world. SAHZU surgeons are ready to enhance your care with their expertise. To know more about their profession, please visit the website.

Colorectal cancer

SAHZU colorectal oncologists are able to diagnose and treat a variety of tumors and especially skilled at minimally invasive and robotic surgeries, enhanced recovery after tumor surgeries, multidisciplinary treatment, precise medicine, and care for tumor patients. For more information, please visit the website.

Neurological diseases

SAHZU neurosurgeons and neurologists are especially specialized in epilepsy, stroke, cerebrovascular intervention, glioma, Parkinson’s Disease, and motor disorder. They are the leader in the research of brain-computer interface and medical genetic disorders. Click to learn more about Neurosurgery and Neurology at SAHZU.

Genetic disorders

The Department of Medical Genetics/Rare Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center provides standardized diagnosis and treatment of various genetic and rare diseases. It has the only inpatient ward for rare diseases in China. The department is confident to help you alleviate the condition through their clinical advices. Click to learn more about the department.


Other specialties

SAHZU is also the role model for Chinese hospitals in the field of transcatheter valve intervention, the micro-incision cataract surgery, colorectal cancer, and severe burns. Please visit this link to learn more about SAHZU's clinical strength.


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