Biotherapy Research Center

To facilitate innovative research to be translated into patient care, the Biotherapy Research Center was put into operation in 2013. The Center has a forward-looking GMP-level laminar flow purifying chamber, covering an area of about 400 square meters where the laminar flow can reach 100-level in local operating environments. 

The Center provides autologous immune cell therapy for patients with lymphoma and solid tumors. Cooperating with strong sci-tech research teams from home and overseas universities, we have conducted the therapy for approximately one hundred cases, which indicates that the therapy has high efficacy, few side effect and positive outcome. 

The Center sets up a cooperative communication and collaboration mechanism for scientific research, clinical practice and administration to promote research projects. All clinical studies carried out in the Center are in line with the Helsinki declaration and the requirements of the medical ethics committee and National Health and Family Planning Commission. "People oriented, safe and effective" is the development goal of the Center.

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