Non-Human Primate Facility

微信图片_20180502162158_副本.jpgTHE NON-HUMAN PRIMATE CELLS

Located in Xiaoshan District, southern part of Hangzhou city, the Non-Human Primate Facility is built in 2012 and licensed in 2014. The Center is a three-story laboratory building with a  total building area of 3,100 square meters. The first floor contains a 400 square meters office area and a 600 square meters experimental area. The experimental area is divided into several functional sections, such as pathology laboratory, biochemical analysis room, rummage analysis room, cell culture chamber, etc. The second floor is a breeding area, the common environment for monkey and dog breeding. The large animal quarantine chamber mainly for monkeys and dogs quarantine is in the peripheral of the building, with an area of about 100 square meters. The quarantine chamber is away from the animal breeding area and the experimental area and connected by a dedicated animal channel to the animal rooms on the second floor with an elevator.

At present, the Center has 3 technicians familiar with the environment and facilities management. The Center also has several laboratory animals breeder and a practicing veterinarian, who are able to skillfully operate and complete the animal experiments including animal quarantine, animal anesthesia, animal weighing, blood sampling, drug delivery, ECG detection, temperature detection, animal behavior observation and other related experimental operation. The Center has developed a comprehensive management system of laboratory animals, including environmental facilities management procedures, animal feeding and management rules and other related standards and procedures.


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