Research Overview

NSFC-Granted Research Projects: the 2nd Most in China

SAHZU strives to develop cutting-edge research and technology, and ultimately, translate edgy research findings into practical improvements of care and treatments. More than 300 active national and provincial scientific research programs are ongoing at SAHZU every year. The number of competitive research funding awarded to SAHZU by Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) rank top one in Zhejiang Province for 11 consecutive years, ranking the second in the country and making it a forerunner in China. It is noteworthy that over 10 international cooperative research projects have received award from Natural Science Foundation of China over the past years.  

Winner of Top National Scientific Award

Since 2001, SAHZU has had five National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology and one National Award for Technological Invention from the central government, which is the most prestigious award for Chinese scientists. In 2018, the number of articles published in top 10% SCI journals by SAHZU physicians ranked the 3rd among all medical institutions in China according to the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC).

Core Facilities of Basic-to-Clinical Research: Leading in Scale and Integrity

SAHZU has heavily invested in research and built up the Clinical Research Center, small animal facility, non-human primate facility, the GMP standard Biotherapy Center, innovation clubs as well as other facilities, creating a complete infrastructure, covering basic and clinical research to translational work and industrialization of research findings. Biodata Base, Epidemiological and Biological Statistics Analysis Office and the SIDER-FERCAP accredited Ethnic Review Committee give great support to all the research activities at the hospital. 

A Dedicated and Highly Efficient Service Team for Translational Research

SAHZU is one of the first to have a dedicated service team for translational reseach in China. The team provides assistance to physician scientists in intellectual property management, patent application, technology assessment, technology transfer, etc. It palys a pivotal role in promoting the multilateral collaboration among the hospital, university, adminsitraive authority, industry and enterprise. 

Transforming to An International Medical Center

Embarking on a unique development path, SAHZU is turning from a joint diagnosis center to an international medical center combined with joint training and research programs. By building extensive collaborative programs, for example, international academic conferences, research projects, and setting up labs and developing clinical databases, with internationally renowned medical institutions such as UCLA, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, SAHZU is improving its research ability all round.

National Research AwardsPIAward YearAward Type

Molecular Pathogenesis of Asthma and the New Treatment Technology Application

SHEN, Huahao


National Prize for Science and 

Technology Progress

Innovation of Approach to the Treatment of Severe Liver Disease and Technical Breakthrough

WANG, Weilin2013

National Prize for Science and

Technology Progress

The Mechanism Research and Clinical Application of Myocardial Repair and Functional Reconstruction after Myocardial Infarction

WANG, Jianan


National Prize for Science and Technology Progress

Establishment and Application of Liver Transplantation Technology System

WANG, Weilin2008

National Prize for Science and

Technology Progress

Formation Mechanism and Prevention of Cataract



National Prize for Science and Technology Progress

Prevention and Treatment of High-risk Population of Colorectal Cancer in China



National Prize for Science and Technology Progress

Binding Pancreaticojejunostomy

PENG, Shuyou


National Prize for Science and Technology Progress

Curettage and Aspiration Dissection Technique and Peng’s Mutifunction Operative Dissector

PENG, Shuyou


National Prize for Technology Innovation

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