Drone Delivery of Blood, First in China

Author:LI JING | Reviewer:LI JING | Editor:LI JING | Source:SAHZU OFFICIAL WECHAT | Date:2021-03-29 | Views:


Mar 24 9am, A blood-delivering drone lands slowly on the blood station of SAHZU's Binjiang Campus. With QR code scanning by medical staff, the container carried by the drone present itself to the deliver window. Inside are three packets of blood dispatched from the Zhejiang Provincial Blood Center. The drone flight takes 5 minutes in total, half of the ground transportation time. 

This success marks a milestone for SAHZU and Zhejiang Province Blood Center's joint efforts on establishing China's first dedicated flight route for the blood delivering drone, which is designed to guarantee timely blood use in emergency conditions. SAHZU Chair of Emergency and Assistant President Prof. ZHANG Mao highlighted that, different from other general drones, the medical drone could follow a designed flight route automatically under 5G network navigation. It has level 6 wind resistance and can function normally in rainy or snowy days. Not only its load capacity is up to 5 kg, the container it carries could maintain a constant temperature inside with less than 1 Celsius degree change each hour, to ensure the safety and quality of blood products. The application of drone in accidents or emergency conditions is thought to be able to reduce the time cost that could have been prolonged by jammed ground transportation, so as to improve the efficiency of the rescue.

Before drone-delivery of blood, SAHZU has tried using drones to deliver medical supplies such as AED and medications. We hope to see this drone delivery system to be applied in more medical or emergency centers. The fast track of drone delivery is definitely going to exert great performance, for its outstanding ability to transfuse medical resources in possible shortest time, especially in big social events, public emergencies or major disasters.